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Rémi Brossier is a French born London based music composer. Combining cinematographic orchestral based music fused with other eclectic music genres and styles makes his work as unique as he is.


He always conveys powerful emotions via a wide range of techniques, renews his approach and his work for each project thanks to his versatility and strikingly pushes boundaries when telling epic adventures or intimate stories with imaginative scores.


His most attractive features and also constant goals are to move and surprise the audience in order to keep them engaged and provide the best experience. With that said, Rémi delivers every time.

His biggest influences include Mark Isham, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, Jesper Kyd, Tyler Bates, Nobuo Uematsu, Junkie XL and many more…

Rémi started making music 20 years ago when he very quickly felt the need to create his own material while growing a love for movie scores and decided to offer his artisanal composer skills.


He continuously explores, to that day, the endless possibilities of music.

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